Ukraine continues its battle against Russian invaders. Despite superior enemy numbers, Ukrainian army and territorial defense forces are fighting back, supported by all Ukrainian people.
The territorial defense are superior fighters with combat experience. These forces protect our country and people (women, children and elderly) without any gears. We help to supply them with tactical gear, but not everyone has them yet, and much more is needed.
We are UkrainianMakers (UAMKRS), an American us flag & Ukrainian ua flag team of determined makers. Before February 24, we were engaged in a number of IT and IOT projects 👨👩‍💻‍. However, the war has made its own adjustments to our plans and activities. ✊💙💛
Located in the very heart of Ukraine and close to the frontlines, we see what our fighters have and what they do not have. Putting together our best knowledge and skills, we support production of gear so desperately needed by Ukrainian defenders: tourniquets, plate carriers (vests), bags, and accessories. Despite air-raid sirens, our mission is to continue making the necessary gear and donating it to our defenders.
To date, we have managed to procure and supply several hundred vests, tourniquets and carrying bags directly to the field. This has been made possible due to the generous support of our early donors.
At this time, we greatly appreciate donations that we have used to purchase materials (fabric and accessories) in order to support the continued production of gear for our soldiers.
Every dollar you donate will help save lives of Ukrainian defenders. Together we can contribute to a worthy cause of defending Ukraine's independence. We will keep you updated by posting videos and photos showing your generosity being put to action.
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